Who We Are?

Greg Housley

Bass & Vocals

After years of playing drums in several bands, Greg met up with a local musician in search of a new band mate. He showed up ready to drum only to discover that the band needed a bass player. Greg had tinkered on bass a few times, but had not gained any playable skill. Confident that he was ready for something new, he borrowed a bass and learned ten songs. “Eventually, I got pretty good at following the bass patterns of songs,” he says. Greg also began to find his inner vocalist and began singing along with playing the bass. “It’s a good challenge and I enjoyed it,” he says.

-Text by Michelle Ziel, Idaho Falls Magazine

Becky Clapp

Drums & Vocals

Becky began her music career taking piano lessons as a child until she was a freshman in High School. It was then she was able to convince her parents that it was actually the drums that she was most interested in. “I met up with people at school, formed bands and started performing music when I was about 14 years old,” she said. “I’m hooked on it.”

-Text by Michelle Ziel, Idaho Falls Magazine

Steve Sorensen

Guitar & Vocals

Steve has had an impressive history of taking his wailing guitar solos and leading successful small-town bands who have opened for acts like Kansas, April Wine and Foghat. He started to learn guitar in the third grade, but says that his hands “were too small to play very many chords, so [he] quit after learning one song.” Eventually, he borrowed an electric guitar and with some friends learned five AC/DC songs and formed his first band. He’s been playing in bands ever since.

-Text by Michelle Ziel, Idaho Falls Magazine