“A solid band with the foundations for an awesome party.”

High Energy Power-Trio

ALIVE AFTER 5 - 2019

Join Random Sam Wednesday, August 7th, at the Idaho Falls “Alive After Five” starting 5:00pm at Civitan Plaza (corner of Park & B Street) for Live Music, Food & Beverages.


After the group formed, they went through the rite-of-passage scenario of deciding a band name. The finalist was Random Jam. Housley printed the name on a piece of paper in a drippy, oozy font reminiscent of homemade jam. He showed it to his sister-in-law who mistakenly read it as Random Sam. The band agreed that the name had a more classic feel and a mysterious vibe that they were attracted to. The name stuck.

Let Random sam liven up your next event!!!

Located in Idaho Falls, this power-trio performs rock favorites with high energy, great talent, and deep seated passion.