About us

Random Sam is a three-member rock band hailing from the picturesque region of Southeast Idaho, based in the vibrant city of Idaho Falls. With their dynamic performances and exceptional talent, Random Sam has established themselves as one of the premier rock bands in the area.

Random Sam’s repertoire spans across classic rock hits and their own original songs, showcasing their versatility and creativity as musicians. Whether they’re belting out iconic rock anthems or introducing audiences to their own heartfelt compositions, Random Sam never fails to deliver a captivating and memorable experience.

Known for their exceptional live shows, Random Sam is a sought-after act for both private parties and community events in the Southeast Idaho region. Their electrifying performances and undeniable stage presence leave audiences exhilarated and craving more.

With their undeniable talent, musical chemistry, and a passion for rock ‘n’ roll, Random Sam has carved a niche for themselves in the local music scene. Their dedication to their craft and their ability to connect with audiences make them an outstanding and respected rock band, loved by many in Idaho Falls and beyond.


At the forefront of Random Sam’s energetic sound is Steve Sorensen, a skilled vocalist and guitarist who brings raw emotion and captivating melodies to every performance. His powerful voice and nimble fingers on the guitar captivate audiences, drawing them into the band’s electrifying atmosphere.


Greg Housley, a versatile musician, lends his talents as the band’s vocalist and bassist. Greg’s deep bass lines and rich vocals provide a solid foundation for Random Sam’s sound, adding a layer of depth and groove to their music that resonates with listeners.


Completing the trio is Becky Clapp, a multi-talented musician who provides backup vocals and keeps the beat as the band’s drummer. With her precise and energetic drumming style, Becky brings a rhythmic intensity that drives Random Sam’s performances and keeps audiences moving to the music.

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